Bangkok Restaurant Offers Authentic Thai Food

Our Chefs skillfully select from over 30 native herbs and spices to add just the right balance of delicate flavoring to only the freshest seafoods, shellfish, choice tender beef, chicken, pork and duck, creating deliciously authentic dishes from five regional cooking styles.

Our North country dishes feature grilled marinated meats or fresh noodles with strong hearty sauces of Burma, Laos and China. The cooking styles of India, and Cambodia influence the Central and Lowland dishes of delicately rich coconut curries, salads and stir fried meats with refreshing vine ripe vegetables.

The Southern and Coastal recipes are abundant with fresh fish and shellfish, all delicately prepared in the spirited styles of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

We take great care to present the rich cultural mixture and authentic atmosphere that is Thailand. We hope you enjoy your experience, and that you will join us again.

4791 Swift Rd
Sarasota, FL 34231
(941) 922-0703