Bangkok Specials

These dishes are prepared using special ingredients and may not always be available.

Thai Crispy Duckling

One half duckling marinated in Thai sauces and fragrant spices slowly roasted until very tender and crispy. Served with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and savory dipping sauce.

Thai Whole Fish

Fresh red snapper seasoned with Thai herbs, cooked whole and topped with your choice of: Chili sauce, chefs spicy sauce,
fresh garlic sauce or delicate ginger sauce.

Lobster Tail

One lobster tail sautéed with bay scallops, large gulf shrimp, New Zealand mussels and tender squid served over
broccoli with your choice of chili sauce, fresh garlic sauce, or delicate ginger sauce.

SP. 14. Red Curry Duckling

One half tender roast duckling simmered in coconut milk with vine ripe tomatoes, pineapple wedges, sweet red and green bell peppers, fresh basil leaves, magrut leaves and a spicy Issahn-style red curry paste. (Naturally Spicy)

SP. 15. Ginger Duckling

One half tender roast duckling sautéed with mild yellow onions, red and green bell peppers, straw mushrooms, green onions, celery, tender young corn and ginger root.

SP. 16. Giant Succulent New Zealand Mussels

Gently steamed mussels topped with your choice of ginger sauce, sweet chili sauce or garlic sauce. Served over broccoli.